My Documentaries


From dramatic issues to reality with a comedic spin, my documentaries aim to capture a moment in time and present it in a new, challenging way for todays audience. 

2nd Amendment

Produced by James Dann & Richard Morel


From the densely populated neighbourhoods of Philadelphia where people lay awake at night and play ‘Gunshot or firework’ to the remote Maryland hunters whose lives depend on their firearms for protection, ‘2nd Amendment’ shatters the headlines and exposes the human face of the gun debate. 

To date 2nd Amendment has screened at Genesis Cinema, a panel at the University of Hertfordshire and Hackney Picturehouse.


Barcelona – Marijuanas New Frontier

Barcelona – Weed World Magazine


Glasgow – Weed World Magazine

Weed World took a trip to Glasgow! Let me guide you through the festival discovering all that is green, eatable, dabbable and smokeable.


Why Art?


<p><a href=”″>Why Art? James Dann – Nude Tin Can Gallery</a> from <a href=””>James</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

An in-depth exploration into the virtues, velocity and vengeance that exists within the art world.

                      Official London MCM Comic Con 2016


Official video for London Comic Con 2016

Beit-Uri. A Home in the Hills.


My first documentary. Filmed in Afula, Israel. A Home In the Hills highlights the remarkable work done by Jewish, Muslim and Bedouin volunteers, working together to care for the disabled residence of Beit-Uri.

Official Manchester MCM Comic Con 2016


Official video for Manchester Comic Con 2016

Raised On Porn 

 UK / Netherlands

A web-series exploring sexual education in the UK.

James Dann and Declan Kenny embark on a journey to discover why the government is so keen to censor an adult industry instead of educating a whole generation, raised on porn.

Shrimp Oil


An 80’s style experimental documentary. An ankle-obsessed journalist seeks to prune the ever-sprouting shoots of his crippling addiction.

Boycott Dogs4us


Manchester Remembrance Sunday


A special report covering remembrance Sunday in Manchester

Rotterdam Tails


 Rifle In My Hands


A short documentary capturing a demonstration against the Putin Administration and the imprisonment of controversial Russian band, Pussy Riot. Filmed on location in Moscow 2013.