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As you guessed by the website URL and bold egotistical title dominating your screen, I’m James Dann, a film maker, comedian and presenter. Since time began, my life has revolved around three pillars of life; comedy writing, presenting and film making. Be it fictional, or documentary.close.jpg

From survivalist gun culture in the East Coast of America to multi-faith care homes in the mountains of Israel, I’ve created a broad spectrum of different documentaries focusing on a variety of social issues and unique individuals.

On the other side of egg, I’m also a freelance comedy writer. I run a sketch show called Chicago Rice, as well as writing for companies and indie productions.  Last but not least, i’m also a Spotlight registered presenter having presented various documentaries, radio shows and podcasts.

When I’m not working on documentaries or writing films I work for Adecco – On assignment for Google, YouTube Director Onsite. I’ve also drank from the water cooler of the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, BFI and Banyak Films.

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 12.38.08I find the world intrinsically fascinating and utterly bizarre at the same time. Being both a filmmaker and comedian allows me to show the same world through two completely different mediums – and I quite like it.

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